Multimedia Production

EE&E employs a team of multimedia specialists dedicated to bringing our clients outstanding quality multimedia productions at affordable prices. We use video, photography, animation, audio and print to create material that will capture the viewers interest and drive key messages.

Pre-production. This is where it all begins… where the magic is made, the ideas are forged, and the possibilities are endless.

By analyzing your unique objectives, EE&E takes preproduction one step further; understanding that a successful production is more than just reading a script or storyboard and scheduling a shoot; it’s about riveting creativity that resonates with the target while remaining relevant to the client.

EE&E provides the talent, scripting, storyboarding, shooting, producing, directing, editing and reproduction in-house – taking care of all scheduling so you only have to make one call to find out the status of your project.
Non-traditional media and interactive mediums are becoming more powerful communications tools than ever imagined. At EE&E, we are committed to harvesting that power, by combining the latest technology with time tested business know-how to deliver our clients added value and proven results.

At EE&E , our goal is to ensure an efficient flow for production and post-production. Companies rely on EE&E to manage production details for a wide range of projects, including broadcast commercials, television shows, print ads, independent features, documentaries and music videos.

In addition to all of the work that we do for our clients, EE&E‘s creative production team are expert content providers, creating & producing a variety of television shows, films and other multimedia projects.

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