E3 Action Sports & Stunts

E3 provides top action sports athletes (E3 Action Sports), Hollywood Stunt Professionals (E3 Stunts), Motorsports Athletes (E3 Motorsports) and other extreme/specialty performers (E3 Extreme/Specialty Entertainment) to clients across the country and around the world. E3 Action Sports provide athletes in all the major extreme / action sports, including: FMX, or freestyle motorcross with guys like Kyle Loza, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Mike “The Godfather” Metzger and Julian D’usseau; BMX, or bicycle stunts, with Dave Voelker, Gary Young, Mike Parenti and Ricardo Laguna; Skateboarders like AJ Kohn and JJ O’Donnell; Snowboarders like Jon Callahan, Ross Powers and many many more. While we provide athletes in all major extreme / action sports, our most popular and the fastest growing sport is freestyle street extreme.

We represent the top athletes in the sport including: Chris “Teach” McNeil and Kyle Sliger. E3 Stunts is a full-service stunt division, providing experienced stunt coordinators, stunt professionals / stunt players and all stunt equipment, vehicles, gear, etc. E3 Motorsports represents and works with an array of motorsports athletes including road racers, motocross racers, drag racers, off-road truck drivers and more. E3 Extreme/Specialty Entertainment represents and works with some of the top extreme / specialty and “cirque” performers, talent and entertainment in the world.

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